How To Use Alfalfa Tonic For Weight Gain

If your weight is lower than what is considered as healthy according to your height, then you are underweight, which is a serious health problem. Anyone can be underweight, whether it is male, female or children. Generally, people are more concerned about losing weight but in reality, being underweight is a much more serious problem than being overweight. In this article, I will discuss the causes and risks associated with being underweight and how you can use Alfalfa tonic for weight gain.

You can find whether you are underweight or not by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) with this BMI Formula:

BMI = kg/m2

Note: Here Kg is your weight in kg and m2 is your height in meters squared

Compare your BMI with the Body Mass Index Chart given below.


Risk factors of being underweight

There are several health risks for being underweight such as –

  • Osteoporosis

If you are underweight, the risk of osteoporosis, a bone disease in which bones become thin and weak, is high, especially in women. In Osteoporosis, a person’s new bone creation doesn’t match up with the old bone removal. The probability of bone fracturing (hip fractures mostly) increases during injuries/accidents.

It is best to Check Your Vitamin D Levels in the body to take timely actions. The 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Blood Test is the most accurate way to measure the level of Vitamin D in your body. A range of 20 ng/ml to 50 ng/ml is considered healthy. Below 20 ng/ml indicates in deficiency in Vitamin D.

If you are Vitamin D deficient, no need to panic. The main source of Vitamin D is direct sunlight and you can get most of the Vitamin D by sun exposure. If you don’t have time to get the direct sunlight, you can fulfil your Vitamin D requirement by including mushrooms in your diet. You can also go for Calcirol Sachet once in a week or as advised by your doctor.

  • Dry Skin

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important for your skin. Being underweight can lead to dry skin and even develop an orange tinge.

  • Hair Loss

Being underweight is a sign of lack of nutrition in the food intake. If the body doesn’t get enough nutrients from the diet, it may lead to hair loss.

  • Tooth Problems

Some research reports have shown that underweight children are prone to severe dental decay.

  • Irregular Periods

Underweight women may experience irregularity in their menstrual cycle and it may also cause infertility among them.

  • Anaemia

Significant weight loss often leads to anaemia. More than 50% of Indian women are anemic and being underweight is one of the common reasons for it. You should go for a Complete Blood Count to check whether you are anemic or not.

  • Low Immunity

Being underweight is not good as it weakens your immunity and your body gets prone to various infections.

Underweight causes

  • Hereditary
  • Lack of Nutrition in Food Intake
  • High Metabolism
  • Excessive Physical Activity
  • Chronic Disease
  • Anxiety/Depression/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Underweight symptoms

  • Lack of Energy in Body
  • Tiredness / Fatigue
  • Fragile Bones
  • Irregular Menstrual Periods
  • Heavy breathing
  • Hair Loss
  • Insomnia

Chubby people envy their skinny colleagues and rant about them having no worries with weight. However, society needs to understand that being too skinny is a problem in itself. No one wishes to look malnourished and being called a ‘stick’ all throughout. Everyone wishes for that perfect body figure; that perfect balance between the skinny and the chubby side. What if I told you Homeopathy has some wonders in its store for the skinny counterparts. Alfalfa Tonic is one such drug that can be used for weight gain in such cases. Let us have a close look at this homeopathic medicine- Alfalfa tonic for weight gain and its wide benefits.

What is Alfalfa Tonic?

Homoeopathic Medicine is the science of medicine that embraces a holistic and natural approach to the treatment. A lot of people tend to prefer homeopathy over allopathy for all its safe reasons. It is known for a long and lasting cure with fewer side effects.

Get more information on the Differences between Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda, in this article.

Alfalfa Tonic is one such miracle from the world of Homeopathy. Alfalfa is an Arabic word meaning Father of all foods and was widely used by Arabs as food for both themselves and their horses. Alfa alfa sprouts and alfa alfa tonics are being used in traditional Chinese medicine too.

Alfalfa Tonic For Weight Gain

Alfalfa Tonic is a more concentrated form of nutrients compared to raw alfalfa sprouts and leaves. Being in a liquid form, it is digested and absorbed more easily. Alfalfa tonic combined with Ginseng is a well-proven drug of homeopathic therapeutics.

The main ingredient of Alfalfa Tonic is alfalfa which is known to improve appetite and gain weight. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients which help restore physical as well as mental well-being. It also increases your bone density which helps in increasing the overall body weight.

No wonder alfalfa is being increasingly used for improving the health of people who are suffering from malnutrition, nervous indigestion, and bulimia. It also takes care of the debility caused by diseases like Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Malignancies and Diabetes mellitus which cause a state of ‘wasting’ or cachexia. Alfalfa tonic is also recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

How Does Alfalfa Tonic Work?

Following are the useful facts highlighting the functioning of the weight gain tonic:

Stimulate Appetite

Combining Alfalfa tonic with fruits and vegetables can have a synergistic or boosting effect as it enhances the assimilation of plant-based vitamins. It’s energy promoting properties often stimulate appetite and helps in gaining weight.

Energy Booster

It contains a variety of nutrients which are needed for energy production and physical activities including the Vitamin B group, eight essential amino acids and the highest chlorophyll of any plant. The vitamin B group, especially B6 and B12, is required for cellular metabolism and energy production. Amino Acids are needed to build protein and can be metabolized to produce energy. Chlorophyll stimulates the production of red blood cells, which carries oxygen to the tissues.

Aids in Digestion

It also mitigates heartburn, indigestion, some forms of stomach upset and generally enhances digestion.

Good Source of Iron

Iron is required to produce haemoglobin, a lack of which causes anaemia leading to fatigue, pale skin, dizziness and reduced surface body temperature.

Fights Against Infections

Alfalfa provides essential minerals and vitamins whereas Ginseng builds resistance against diseases and infections. Ginseng also works as a revitalizing agent by removing physical and mental disability and helps in faster recovery.

Alfalfa Tonic also ensures the vitality and proper functioning of all body systems. It can be given to diabetics also. It is considered non-toxic even in high dosage hence eliminating the toxic effects in case of accidental dosage. It is also being widely used in anxiety states, nervousness, and stress situations especially for people who are overworked and over-stretched in today’s mad race for survival.

Alfalfa Tonic Dosage

  • Take 1 tbsp alfalfa tonic 3 times a day with milk (better option) or water.
  • Continue alfalfa tonic for 3-4 months to see good results

To know about other health benefits of alfalfa tonic and the best brand for alfalfa tonic, you may refer to Alfalfa Tonic Review


There are not any known contraindications to this medicine. Hence it is completely safe to use Alfalfa tonic for weight gain and increased appetite. Weight gain would no longer be a problem. Additionally, relying solely on a tonic for weight gain may not be the most effective approach; a balanced diet, regular exercise, and overall healthy lifestyle choices are essential factors in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

If you have any query regarding Alfalfa tonic or its use for gaining weight or increasing appetite, feel free to ask us in the comments section. Share it with your loved ones and help them get healthy too.

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  1. I am suffering from IBS problem and also loosing weight. Homeopathic Dr suggested mr Alfaalfa tonic. Is it help ful in my case. How can I use it.

  2. Hi Neenu, in your case, I would suggest consulting a homoeopathic doctor with clarity regarding your baby’s current health and then take a decision accordingly.

  3. Sir my name is sana my age is 21 nd i am still 36 kg so pls tell alfalfa q mother tincture will be fine or not can i gain weight with this in 3 months

  4. Hi, I m Sneha.. My age is 30 years during pregnancy I lost weight due to bleeding problem but after pregnancy I m gaining weight I m just 49 kgs… Since 1 month I have been taking this alfalfa tonic along with five phoshph 6x but then also no weight gain my hands, legs, shoulder, neck, face look so skinny.. I m very much depressed due you this plz let me know what to do

  5. Hi Sneha, what’s your daily diet plan? I guess the best way going forward is to consult a dietician who will suggest you a personal diet plan according to your requirements and body metrics.

  6. Agar Mai alfalfa tonic use krugi to kya me healthy ho jaaugi plz tell me and kab Pina hai is kitne mahine Tak

  7. Dear Arvi, Alfalfa tonic aapki bhookh ko badhata hai aur aapki bone density bhi improve karta hai jo aapka weight badhane me madad karega. Aap ise din me 2 se 3 baar khana khane se pehle le lein.

  8. Hey hey a m in 20year old , but my weight is 41kg and I want to increase my weight ,now a days I m use Alfa plus tonic ,so it it good for my gaining weight ? I want to know right ?

  9. Hi Shreya, Yes you can take the tonic as per the given instructions and along with it, take small but frequent meals rich in protein throughout the day.

  10. Hello sir . Meri age 25 year hai or weight 62 kg . Me apna wait barhana chahta hun . Yeh syrup use krny sy ktny dino me farq aye ga . Kindly reply zrur karyee ga

  11. Hi Zakir, if you take Alfalfa tonic twice daily, it will increase your appetite and contribute to bone density as well. Have a protein-rich diet to gain weight fast.

  12. i am giving this alfalfa malt tonic syrup in banana milk shake..or some time give only in milk…
    can you please explain why we should give before the meal..

    i am asking coz my 3 yrs old son feel difficulty in taking syrup because of thick consistency.

    Please reply Its urgent…

  13. Hi Neha, alfalfa tonic helps significantly in increasing your appetite and plays an important role in digestion, so having it before your meals will give you the best results.


  14. I am genetically age 26 and weight 35 ..will it help me to gain weight? ?

  15. Hi Samrudhi Here My age is 30 but my weight is 38 Kg it’s Underweight 😖
    Please suggest me d Dosage of ALFALFA Tonic

  16. i have just purchased alfalfa homeopathic pellets. is this as effective as the tonic? how should these be used?

  17. My name is yasir and I am 29 years age and 52 kgs weight I am suffering from loss of appetite can alfafa help me and also recommend dosage for this medicine

  18. Hi Yasir, yes it can improve your appetite, take one tablespoon (10 ml) of alfalfa tonic 2-3 times a day before meals to see good results.

  19. I have just used Alfalfa tonic with Ginseng for the first time (1 teaspoon 1 hour before meal) but I felt uncomfortable since my body started heating up..please advise what other alternatives I can resort to for increasing apetite and weight gain..I am 46 years male

  20. Hi Chiranjit, Alfalfa tonic doesn’t have any side effects. Normal burning may be due to acid reflux. You can continue alfalfa tonic along with nutritious food such as Wheat, jawar, all millets, Milk, egg whites etc.

  21. I like that how you take people’s problems seriously. Mam our doctor recommended this medicine for me as I am underweight. I’m 19 yrs old and my weight is still 41. I want to know what other things have to be done in addition with the usage of this medicine.

  22. It all depends on your diet. Always keep a tab on your calorie intake, Your total calories intake should be higher than total calories burned.

  23. Hi my self Ankit Rawat. I am 25 years old and my weight is around 70 Kg but there is no bulkiness in my body and I am looking like the thin person.
    Should I gain my weight or do something else? Please suggest.

  24. 6month tak ea mdcn continue karne k bad mujhe visible result show karegi???aur mein ish mdcn ko highest kitne tym tak use karpaungii??

  25. No, but avoid excessive masturbation. Also, to get best results, take alfalfa tonic with milk twice a day and start including protein-rich diet daily in the form of milk, eggs, paneer, pulses, fish/meat (if non-veg).

  26. How longest time we should take Alfa Alfa tonic ??I mean to say that can we use it continuously for 1year??

  27. Does weight gain by Alfa Alfa tonic permanent??? I mean to say that mdcn ko chor dene k bad health loss toh nehi hoga??

  28. I took phytolecca berry for 4 months..8 years ago. Now No matter how hard I try.. I can’t gain weight now. Even if I eat a lot.

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