Does Combing Prevents Hair Loss?

 combing prevents hair loss
Girl combing

According to the readings from health experts, combing your hair is the safest method to have healthy hair. So if you are lazy or not combing hair, you are the one who’s spoiling the goodness of your hair. Avoid all those classy and high-priced treatments and try combing your hair properly as combing prevents hair loss.

Before moving on to the combing part, you must be aware of what actually leads to hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss:

  1. Genetic reasons which affect both Men and Women.
  2. Natural/Temporary condition wherein few follicles go into the resting period making rest of the hair thinner and fewer in number.
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Physical and psychological stress.
  5. Less common reasons- Medications which includes chemotherapy, AID/HIV, malnutrition such as deficiency of Iron etc.
  6. Excessive use of Vitamin A.
  7. Lack of Protein in the diet.
  8. Hormonal changes in the body.

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We can’t say that hair loss is completely resolved through regular combing of your hair but it could be prevented up to some extent. So one should be concerned more on combing hair besides using gentle shampoo plus a mild conditioner. The correct combing process will keep up the scalp and hair healthy. For perfect combing, an ideal comb and right combing techniques are essential

Science Behind Combing

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the head is one area from where all your ill health originates. Head is the converging point of all your energy and is known as the point where all the meridians of your body have a direct or indirect connection. So combing therapy not only is good for your body, it can prevent hair loss and cut the appearance of split ends and give your hair that alluring shine as well.

Combing helps in activating the sebaceous gland which is known for producing the scalp’s natural oil called sebum. Sebum keeps the scalp and hair moisturized and maintains the right pH balance thereby improving scalp health. Frequent hair combing helps to move the natural conditioning oils from top to the ends of your hair. This is especially good for those having frizzy hair and for people who wash their hair once or twice a week. Though combing is beneficial for your hair, I would not recommend you to do it in excess, as it may result in breakage of hair and split ends.

According to experts let us see the benefits and how useful combing is on regular basis.

Benefits of Combing

Experts say that combing is an ancient method and can be practiced by everyone to improve the health of their hair.

1) Regular combing makes your hair soft which is as much effective as a hair massage.

2) It exfoliates impurities which stick to the scalp.

3) When you comb your hair, you eliminate dandruff that gets deposited on your roots of hair and scalp thereby making the hair cleaner and stronger.

4) It can help in stimulating the scalp which helps to grow the hair.

5) It will open up the pores on the scalp as clogged pores may prevent or affect hair growth.

6) Combing increases the blood flow in your scalp which helps nutrients reach there which nourish the hair roots and promote natural hair growth.

7) The effectiveness of scalp massaging increases by using combs.

Combing Prevents Hair Loss: How to Comb to Prevent Hair Fall

  • Let your hair fall over your head.
  • Hold the comb with your index finger rides on the spine of the comb.
  • Start brushing your hair gently from back to front with little pressure.
  • First, comb the midline of your hair and then go to sides.
  • Comb each area multiple times till your scalp feels warm.
  • If your hair has more tangles, start from the ends, as if you first remove the tangles you can easily avoid any major hair loss while combing.

Every person is not having the same type of hair so the comb varies for various kinds of hair. Though combing prevents hair loss but choosing the right comb is the key which helps you reap the health benefits.

Which Type of Comb is Preferred?

There are many types of combs that are available for different kinds of hair. First and foremost, you need to decide which comb suits your hair because using the right comb can prevent long-term damage to your hair. Choose a comb with more than 100 bristles because it works well and does not cause damage.

Note: If you comb your hair too much when they are wet, it will result in major hair loss. To avoid hair fall while combing, you should use a wide-tooth comb if you are in a hurry or just gently use fingers for setting your wet hair.

Types of Combs For Different Hair Types:

Normal Comb

It is good for smoothing of your hair for everyday combing.

made of plastic
Wide Tooth Comb

It works with all types of hair. The teeth of this comb are far apart and used to untangle the knots. This comb is also used for applying the conditioner and shampoo while washing the hair.

Paddle Brush Comb

It is fine with medium to long hair and used for untangling the hair. This is the best comb for stimulating hair growth by encouraging blood circulation around the scalp.

made of wood
Pin Brush Comb

Pin brush comb is ideal for thick and curly hair. The rounded metal pins on this oval-shaped brush easily get penetrated through the thick hair. But we would suggest you to use wooden combs instead of metal combs.

combing prevents hair loss
Pin brush for thick and curly hair
Quill Brush Comb

As the brush is round-shaped it simply distributes the natural hair oils present in your scalp. Quill Brush or comb is good for all types of hairs.

made of wood
Boar Bristle Comb

With the cushion base it has, each bristle stimulates the total scalp and so gives good circulation and distribution of natural oils over the scalp.

combing prevents hair loss
Boar bristle hair to stimulate flow of natural oil to scalp

Sometimes it is good to use all types of combs in a specific order. Start with the Pin brush or Wide-tooth comb to detangle the knots, followed by Quill brush to relax your scalp by distributing the natural oils. Next, smooth your hair with Paddle brush comb and finally with a Normal comb give it a sleeker touch. Don’t comb the hair too vigorously as it could damage your scalp.

Wooden Comb Benefits:

A wooden comb is best for your hair as it does not have sharp edges on its bristles and are well-rounded off which helps to get rid of the frizz of hair and reduces the damage. Wooden combs are gentle, more flexible and less likely to break the hair when combing. So it is always better to use wooden combs for its benefits.

Combing vs Brushing:

Combing is better than brushing your hair because the comb works to arrange the hair in one particular direction and brushes put stress on hair strands thereby creating more tension. So comb your hair in the right way that decreases the hair loss. Never go with rubber combs or metal combs as they are bad for hair.

A healthy diet is key to strong hair. Unnecessary diet control can also lead to hair loss so, having a good diet plan will not only keep you internally nourished but also externally attractive. Hope this article has clear all your doubts regarding the fact that combing prevents hair loss and will help you to keep your hair looking healthy, shiny and lustrous.