Yoga Vs Gym: Know Their Differences and Benefits

yoga vs gym

You must have experienced days when you are just not able to concentrate, you feel tired all the time or feel that you are lacking energy. There’s one simple way through which you can feel better, can have more energy and perhaps live a longer life. To engage in physical activities. Whether you hit the gym or do yoga at home, engaging in some kind of physical activity is vital. But a lot of people deal with this confusion: Yoga vs Gym: what’s best for them? Relax, I will try clear as many doubts as I can in this article.

But before that, you should know that exercising regularly for at least 15 to 30 minutes every day is very important and helps our body and mind in many ways, which includes:

        Controls weight

        Improves mood

        Increases energy

        Reduces stress

        Improves mind

        Sharpens memory

        Makes our bones stronger

        Makes our skin better

        Makes our muscles stronger

        Reduces anxiety

So, one thing is clear:

“20 minutes of intense exercise or any physical activity can keep you away from 90% of diseases”

Yoga Vs Gym

yoga vs gym

Both, yoga and gym, are aimed for distinctive purposes and have different effects on the body but they have one common aim and that is to have better health. Yoga has its effect on the overall physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the body and focuses on inner beauty and strength whereas Gym only targets some specific parts of the body and focus on the outside beauty. Both are really effective for the purposes they are being used specifically and show results accordingly.

Yoga has been originated in ancient India and has been practised since the Vedic period. Breathing is the main pillar of Yoga which not only helps to cure many diseases but also keeps the body enriched with freshness, internal & external stability, and divine spirituality. It is a mental, physical and spiritual practice which has four principal meanings,

1. As a method for attaining goals.

2. As the goal of Yoga practice.

3. As the technique of controlling the mind and the body.

4. As a name of the systems of philosophy.

Gym refers to a health club where like-minded people come to get quick results. And it is true that gymming gives instant results by transforming the muscles and the body physique which is why it is becoming a trend nowadays and a lot of people are hitting gyms daily to maintain their body shape or to get the six-pack.

“Gym helps in shaping your body, whereas Yoga helps in shaping YOU.”

Benefits of Gym (Yoga Vs Gym)

    1.    Lose Weight: If you want to lose weight or build muscles, in both cases, the gym is one of the best options to consider. Try different workouts as sticking to the same workout can make your body used to it. Follow your gym instructor’s instructions carefully.

    2.    Better Heart: Working out daily can strengthen your heart, can lower your blood pressure and can make you more active.

    3.    Better Sleep: Going to the gym daily can help you sleep better, thus, will help to boost energy.

   4.   Reduces Stress: Regular exercise is important for maintaining mental fitness as physical activities produce endorphins, the chemicals which act as natural painkillers. It helps to reduce stress.

If you are a gym freak, you should not miss the spin cycling. Have a look at the top 10 benefits of spin cycling:

yoga vs gym
Source: Pinterest (The Cycling Bug)

Benefits of Yoga (Yoga Vs Gym)

    1.    Controls Blood Pressure: Yoga helps in controlling high blood pressure. One of the best yoga poses to do so is the Corpse Pose or Savasana. Lying on the floor for 5 minutes in this position can help you to control high blood pressure.

    2.    Lowers Blood Sugar: Yoga not only helps to reduce blood sugar but also helps to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and boost HDL (good cholesterol).

    3.    Helps to Concentrate: Yoga teaches us to focus/concentrate on the present rather than the past or the future. People who practice meditation are less distracted by their thoughts and thus, are better in solving problems.

    4.    Improves Flexibility: Yoga poses are really hard for some people but by doing it daily you can make your body as well as your mind a lot more flexible.

yoga vs gym
Source: Pinterest (Skinny Ms.)

Differences between Yoga and Gym (Yoga Vs Gym)

1. The first and foremost is that one requires a gym and proper machines/accessories whereas, yoga could be done anywhere, at home or in the park.

2. One gets easily tired after a 1-hour long gym session whereas, yoga is less tiring.

3. The gym is considered the best for bodybuilding whereas, yoga is perfect for relaxation.

4. The gym keeps us healthy and energetic whereas, yoga keeps us healthy, energetic and fresh.

5. Yoga helps to reduce menstrual pain whereas, going to the gym may increase menstrual pain.

6. You don’t feel the urge to bunk a yoga session, just because of the convenience it offers whereas, bunking a gym may be a common thing for many people.

7. The gym is not good for old people whereas, anybody can practice yoga irrespective of age, you will only get better with it.

8. Going to the gym does not necessarily cure diseases whereas, practising yoga can help cure some diseases.

In conclusion, there is no comparison between yoga and the gym. People who sit and work all day should certainly engage in both, gym and yoga. For senior citizens and people feeling depression or stress, yoga is outstanding as it is the best home remedy for mental health. Whereas the gym is a better option for people who want to build muscles, biceps, abs, chest, basically who want to get a sexy body.

What’s your way of staying healthy? Share with us in the comments below.

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