Yoga Poses During Pregnancy – Yes or No?

yoga poses during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a vulnerable state, both medically and emotionally and more so, if it’s your first. You have another life growing inside you. Your hormones go haywire. You are both overjoyed and anxious at the same time. Your doctor gives you a whole bunch of ‘to-do’ list. Your grandma’s ancient ‘checklist’ during these times is a must-to-do. Along with all of these, you need to cope up with the new changes in your body like the morning sickness and your deliberate need to pee every time.

In midst of all these, no doubt you get drained out of your peace of mind, bit by bit. Well, we do not want to add another checklist to your busy schedule but, we do intend to inspire your mind for this one. Yoga! Whether you have tried any of the yoga poses or not, we believe you will agree with us to some extent by the end of this article.

Yoga and its benefits are widespread and not just limited to pregnancy. In general, yoga is a form of exercise that not only tones your body but also provides you mental peace and relieves stress. It involves meditation and the yoga poses (Asanas) and is the most natural way of adapting a healthy lifestyle. However, here we will be limited to how and why should you incorporate some yoga poses during pregnancy.

The First Trimester

This is a critical state because most pregnancy losses occur during this time. This is the time when the baby’s organs are formed. A woman is advised to be on her daily routine with proper diet and exertion. If you were on a regular yoga routine before conception, you already know the basics but better consult your doctor and then continue with it. If you have never done yoga, consult both your doctor and your yoga instructor for a fully informed decision.

It’s totally safe and nothing to worry but a human mind can be difficult to persuade, even more, when it’s in the pregnancy stage. You can try most of the poses during this time, but remember to keep it in sync with your body needs. Stay hydrated, do not overstretch, and adjust it if there is pain or if you aren’t comfortable. Practice breathing exercises. Breathe deeply and regularly during the asanas.

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The Second and Third Trimester

Yoga poses during pregnancy

This is the phase when your belly starts to become prominent. You need to go easy on those stretching exercises.

  • Restrict your stretch if you feel discomfort.
  • Avoid lying on your back for too long.
  • Prefer side stretch yoga poses.
  • Do not do the poses that involve your abdominal muscles.
  • Do breathing exercises more.
  • Consult your yoga instructor and your doctor in case of emergencies.

Now as we have already discussed the pregnancy stages and the impact Yoga can have during pregnancy, let’s have a look at some of the best yoga poses during pregnancy stages which can keep you and your baby healthy:

Yoga Poses During Pregnancy Months

1. Cobbler’s or Tailor’s Pose

It is extremely useful for your pelvic floor muscles. It helps in strengthening you for the childbirth.

2. Pelvic Tilt or Angry Cat Pose

One of the best yoga poses during pregnancy as it is useful in backache which is common during the pregnancy stages.

3. Warrior Pose

Helps in improving balance and boosting your stamina. It helps you get relief from the stress, calms your mind, improves blood circulation and strengthens the abdominal organs.

4. Meditation

It is the best way to relieve pregnancy stress and reduce the risk of depression among pregnant ladies. Not only it helps you get better sleep during your days of gestation period but also eases the labor.

Yoga poses during pregnancy

5. Easy Bridge Pose

This is the yoga pose which women can do even in their second trimester while following some precautions. It helps release tension in the neck along with enhancing flexibility in the shoulder and back region.

All in all, do only that much which your body can take up comfortably. Do not over-exert or over-stretch. Listen to your body and pamper it.

The practice of yoga during pregnancy strengthens your inner self and prepares you for the childbirth and speedy recovery post-birth. Specific exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The breathing exercises help in relieving stress. Yoga in itself instils a positive energy within and around you. The positive vibes ensure a healthy pregnancy. Need I say more to convince you to include yoga as a part of your daily routine?

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga –

Yoga poses during pregnancy

Do make an effort to spare 15-20 minutes on meditation and some asanas. Trust me, you will see the difference within a few days. This is not me saying, but all those who have benefitted from it. The list includes a lot of famous faces too. Let me list a few:

  • Shilpa Shetty- Who doesn’t know about ‘Shilpa’s Yoga, her own DVD set to inspire people for fitness and health.
  • Lara Dutta Even she has her own set of DVDs called ‘Heal’ launched especially for pregnant mothers. She even said yoga helped her in a quick recovery post delivery.
  • Kareena Kapoor Khan Yes, the beautiful actress does spare time for yoga every day, no matter how busy she is.
  • Sonam Kapoor The Bollywood fashionista too is a fond yoga follower and encourages the same.
  • Adam Levine- The Maroon 5 lead singer has spoken of yoga in his various interviews about how it has helped in shaping his mind and life.
  • Jennifer Aniston- Who knew she too religiously believes in yoga and practices the same for a toned and healthy body.
  • Madonna- One of the first celebrities to have popularised yoga in the west.

The list, however, is endless and so are the benefits of yoga. Time to break free and try out these yoga poses during pregnancy to keep you and your baby fit, healthy and happy 🙂

But before leaving, you must check this video below which describes the 10 best fertility boosting yoga poses for women:-

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