A-Z of Feminine Hygiene-A Complete Guide for Maintaining Women Hygiene


Feminine Hygiene. Pad, tampon, menstrual hygiene
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Let’s admit it, ladies! We go through so many phases and changes in our bodies but have we cared enough to find out what is right and wrong for our bodies? The female body is very complex and requires care when it comes to hygiene. Hence it is important to know the easy ways of maintaining feminine hygiene.

How to Maintain Feminine Hygiene

Studies show that almost 48% of the women (including adolescents) did not practice feminine hygiene. You might be one of them, or even if you’re not, this article will be helpful.

Vaginal Hygiene Tips

Feminine Hygiene. Pad, tampon, menstrual hygiene
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Thank god they are naturally designed to clean themselves! Yes, that’s right. The vagina is a self-cleaning part of our body. So does that mean we don’t need to ‘maintain’ hygiene? Well, of course, it needs a little something from your side too.

  • Keep it clean down there. Use water (preferably not soap) to clean and don’t be too harsh. If you want to use a wash use one with the correct ph balance (3.5)
  • Just worked out? Well, don’t just sit with your Gym clothes! As soon as you work out, make sure to freshen up and wear fresh clothes. (Sweaty gym clothes make it a bacteria haven).
  • It is not recommended to ‘Douche’ (inject water into the vagina using the Douche) as this disrupts the ph balance.
  • Dry yourself well after a shower. Sometimes the trapped moisture may cause irritation down there. (Quick tip: You may use a hairdryer)
  • Practice safe sex. Use condoms and don’t forget to go for a pee break right after.
  • Trim your pubic hair before you start shaving, this makes shaving easier.
  • Make sure you moisturize! But do not use strongly scented moisturizers.
  • There are times when you want to feel fresh, but there is no water in the restroom! It is best to carry some wipes with you all the time.
  • Always wipe yourself from front to back. If you do the opposite, you would be bringing in bacteria from the anus.
  • Always make it a habit of wiping your genital after urination with water and some tissue.
  • It is always a good idea to sleep freely in the night. So, sleeping sans underwear is great and lets the area breathe.

Dos/Don’ts? The big question for many is, “Is shaving down there necessary?” and the answer to that is, it is purely optional! Some people like it clean and soft while some others find discomfort in shaving as it causes ingrown hair.

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Menstrual Hygiene Tips

Feminine Hygiene. Pad, tampon, menstrual hygiene
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We all face ‘that time of the month’ when our body requires some extra care and rest during menstruation. No matter how busy we are with work/family, we must ensure cleanliness during that time.

  • Try to keep a separate ‘set’ of under-wears during your period days. It can be very difficult to remove stains from your underwear (If they get stained).
  • There are days when there is discharge but not much. One may make use of Panty Liners during this phase. They come in various sizes and are great for the ‘White discharge’ phase.
  • It is a known fact, however, never wear your pad/tampon for too long. It’s simple, whenever you feel itchy, change your pad at once. The days when you menstruate less, change your pad every 4 hours, while a tampon needs to be changed every 2 hours. Make yourself comfortable. However, you need to be extra careful while using tampons. Use a tampon which is least absorbent. This way you can change it regularly to avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

So if you are a beginner, it would be better to start with a pad and later, shifting to a tampon.

  • Well if you don’t seem comfortable with the idea of using tampons, you may go for menstrual cups. They are safe and are a better alternative to tampons. So if you are into sports/swimming, you may go for this one, as it is free from any residual fibre and is non-toxic in nature.
  • Always make it a point to wash your hands thoroughly using a hand sanitizer while during this time.
  • There are times when you have ‘rashes’ due to continuous rubbing of the pad against your thighs. You may use a mild moisturizing cream, or you know what?! Baby diaper rash creams work great, just give it a shot.

Dos/Don’ts? Some people just love the water, don’t they? Well, can you go for a swim on ‘these’ days? Of course, you can, provided you wear a tampon, not a pad.

Now, let’s have a look at some #unusual feminine hygiene products which might be unknown to some of you.

Some Unusual Feminine Hygiene Products 

1. Portable Urination Device

Feminine Hygiene. Pad, tampon, menstrual hygiene, urinary
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STAND and PEE! Yes! You heard that right. Ever encountered dirty public toilets? You just don’t want to use them, isn’t it? This “Female Portable Urination Device” lets you stand and do the job. Be it in trains/planes, this device lets you use the loo with no hassle. So, no more squatting in the smelly toilets! Pretty neat isn’t it?

This device is also great for pregnant women. They come in various kinds, some are made of waterproof paper, while some are silicone based.

Where to get them?

Click here for the Paper-Based Version

Click here for the Silicone Version

2. Disposable Underwear 

Feminine Hygiene. Pad, tampon, menstrual hygiene, disposable underwear
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Well personally for me this is a God sent gift. Ever go for a vacation and have a pile of underwear to wash? It might be irritating but when you have these magical ‘use and throw’ underwear in your hands, forget the washing. #NoMoreWashingUnderwear

Ps -This can be the ultimate travel buddy!

Where to find them?

Click here for disposable underwear

3. Toilet Seat Covers  

Feminine Hygiene. Pad, tampon, menstrual hygiene, toilet,seat,cover
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This paper seat cover helps you a germ-free ride to the toilet. So sit back and relax while you do your business without being worried about the consequences of germs/bacteria. These paper covers are easily portable and are ideal for busy work schedules/crowded pitstops.

Where to find them?

Click here for toilet seat covers.

4. Pad Fixators for New Mums 

Feminine Hygiene. Pad, tampon, menstrual hygiene,pregnancy,new mum,motherhood, painless, caesarian
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After a c-section delivery, it can be quite difficult to move around for some women. It becomes painful to wear normal panties, as it rubs against the stitches and causes more discomfort. Well not to worry! ‘Pad Fixators’ help in holding your pad in a comfortable way. The extremely soft material used to make this ‘fixator’, reduces the uneasiness and pain which you otherwise, experience when wearing normal panties.

Find them below!

Click here for Pad Fixators.

5. Sanitary Napkin Disposable Bags 

Feminine Hygiene. Pad, tampon, menstrual hygiene, disposal ,foul,clean,discreet,hygienic
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This can be a purely optional item to buy. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where there is no proper way to dispose of your napkin and sometimes when you dispose of them, they tend to release a foul odour. There are specially designed bags in the market to prevent these mishaps. You can now safely and discreetly throw them in the bin!

Where to find them?

Click here!

With these tips in hand, say #goodbye to those feelings of insecurity and rock that feminine side of yours by incorporating these feminine hygiene tips in your life!

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